Saturday, 14 November 2009

Making progress

Making progress, originally uploaded by soja.

About half way through the quilting, on my fourth bobbin... I think I could have quilted less densely, but like the way it's looking.

I'm just sort of meandering, rounded zig-zagging with a few random hearts thrown in.

I love the variegated thread! It's just perfect colourwise. I went with the candy floss, I'm using a plain beige (finer) cotton for the bobbin. I'm not having much problem with the thread breaking. I'm using a size 12/80 schmetz embroidery needle. At first this didn't completely stop the problem, I switched to a top stitch needle (what a huge eye!) but still, no, didn't completely stop the problem.

In the end I was brave and adjusted the bobbin tension, I only needed to loosen it my less than half a turn of the screw. I routinely adjusted this on my old machine, but was really hesitant to do on this one, as the tension has been absolutely perfect on everything else, including quilts when not using this thread. But anyway, it worked.

I'm hoping to have all the quilting done this weekend, I think the material I ordered for the binding will arrive next week, fingers crossed. So will have the quilt finished in time to be a Xmas/late birthday present. :-)

And for Genie, this is a little bit of the new machine. It is a Janome 6260 QC (quilter's companion). She's top loading and computerised, so much much quieter than my basic mechanical side loading machine. It's actually relaxing to sew again now. :-) It came with an extension table for quilting, which gives a few more inches to rest the quilt on. Unlike some machines just made for quilting, the base is still removeable for free arm sewing. I think it has a good balance of features for quilting and garment sewing - so pretty much perfect for me.

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