Sunday, 1 November 2009

WIP - Mum's quilt about to be basted

As of Friday night, all pin basted. The pin basting was definitely quicker and easier on the knees and fingers - no blisters! I like the overall look, I think the colours and patterns are quite balanced. The border (especially the one at the bottom of the photo) seem a bit wonky. :-( I think it maybe from where I've had it pegged up in my living room for the last fortnight. I should have re-ironed it again, but didn't notice until I was already at school.

I want to quilt this with the 30/2 wt variegated thread - I'm going with the candy floss colour, I ordered the tea colour too, it's lovely but a lot darker brown/yellow in real life. I have the thread, but am waiting for some bigger-eyed sewing machine needles before I start quilting, to avoid the thread snapping, hopefully.

I had originally planned to stipple/meander, then decided to use straight lines, but now. looking at how the blocks and borders line up, I'm not sure how even my piecing lines are - so think it'll be meandering after all!

And yes, the wadding is pale green - it's made from 13 recyled plastic bottles! The packaging assures me it is colourfast, it might not work with a white based quilt, but seems fine for this.


Cristin said...

Its a lovely quilt :-) Once its washed and all crinkly, you won't be able to notice the not-exactly-perfect blocks, I promise! Well done!

RosaMaría said...

that quilt looks fantastic! your mom is so lucky!