Thursday, 12 November 2009

You've got to roll with it...

Rolled hem, originally uploaded by soja.

I'd never been able to get a decent rolled hem with my old machine, probably more to do with me than the machine. :-)

But I thought I'd give it a go with the new machine. I switched to fabric hankies over the summer, you know to stop filling up landfills with paper tissues, and because my dog always tried to eat the used tissues. nice.

So I got some fabric hankies, if I get a cold or flu I'll probably temporarily switch back to tissues. All was well, except my dog still managed to steal a couple and eat off a corner or two. So I needed to trim and re-hem them, ahem.

I sprayed and ironed the fabric with some starch which I think helped. And of course, my new machine can do no wrong. :-)


Genie said...

I love the fabric! So pretty! and the hem is lovely too!

We use fabric hankies all the time. SO easy to just throw in the washing machine, and I actually find they are BETTER for colds, because they are nicer to raw noses. And as I said -- easy to wash in hot water to get rid of germs.

You haven't posted about the new machine! I hope you will soon, I am curious. :)

Soja said...

I'll try and take a picture and rite something this weekend. :-) I know I still haven't put up a picture of any of the clothes I've made for me - but it seems I find it hard to take a photo of myself!!