Sunday, 6 December 2009

Another quilt finished

I love the peacocks on this print! The fabric is a moda collection called Sorbet, designed for them by Sentimental Studios. The beige fabric is from Ikea. In the end I used two different stripes for the binding that I had got online from Barcelona.

Listed on Etsy - I've just sold the pinwheel quilt, I'm so happy that it is going to go to a home and be used. :-) I'm feeling quite soppy and sentimental over these quilts - in a good way. :-)


Joan's Good Life said...

Wow! Love your quilt pattern style. I wish I could make a quilt like this!

Soja said...

Hi Joan! I'm sure you could make this quilt! It's a simple pattern, just 5" squares, cut and sewn to make the half triangle blocks.

I'm terrible at it really - I struggle to sew in a straight line, so lining things up is tricky for me. :-) But I think that's just me!