Monday, 14 December 2009

Peacock Quilt dimensions

I was asked for the dimensions and amount of fabric used for this quilt... and I've been meaning to post for a week, life just needs a lot of attention sometimes. Roll on the Christmas holidays, work busy and busy with stuff I can't post about.

The finished quilt is approximately 36 x 39"/91 x 99 cm.
For the front I used 28x 5" charm squares from the Moda sorbet collection and under a metre/yard of beige cotton (55"/140cm wide from Ikea).

I had already used some of the cotton for a previous project, but you would need to cut three 5" wide strips to cut 28 x 5" squares, with fabric to spare. I used these squares and the charms squares to make the blocks. I paired a beige square with a print square, drew a diagonal line from one corner to the other, sewed two lines 1/4" from each side of the line, chain pieced and then cut each square pair along the diagonal line into two blocks. I pieced the blocks together, in pairs and then pairs again.

I then cut four strips to make the borders - about 8" wide and attached these and voila - one quilt! Hope this helps someone.

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