Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hmm, didn't mean to disappear. Strange as I've been sewing and cooking and marmalade making, so not because of lack of things to record. I haven't even covered the Christmas presents.... still the shrug I knitted for my sister, the hat for her boyfriend and the t-shirts for my dad. I've meant to blog. I think I haven't partly because of a few rainy, grey days and no light to take photos, partly because the flat has been cold and I've been huddled up by the heater sewing or knitting, or stirring oranges and sugar in the kitchen, but felt too cold to sit and type.

I've finished two quilts, another pinwheel baby quilt, with some appliqued hearts, for the shop. And a lap quilt for me and the animals to cuddle under on the sofa, they were very keen on Mum's quilt, so I thought we needed one for us, and poor Linzi finally managed to dig through the snow and get to the post office and send off the fabrics for the first two blocks of the European Quilting Bee, they arrived on Wednesday and I have them finished and ready to send back tomorrow - phew! More nerve-wracking than I thought it would be, sewing blocks for someone else, especially to a specific design and with no spare fabrics to allow for mistakes, hope she likes them! Pictures and details to follow...soon.

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RosaMaría said...

hi!!! is great read you again! hope you can show us those proyects soon!
have a great sunday!