Monday, 1 February 2010

Lucky me!

Well, If I hadn't come out of blog hibernation yesterday, I would have had to appeared today to say thank-you to Rosa Maria! I read her blog regularly, she is on my blog list on the right, "La Vida Compartida", she sews beautiful quilts and gifts, and has two handsome dogs, and a new member of the family, a little abandoned cat that has come to live with them. The colours and styles Rosa Maria puts together and perfect, I'm so glad that she blogs, it is a pleasure and inspiration to look at her work. :-)

A little while ago she had a blog give-away for a quilting magazine, she had photographed some of the pages, I loved the quilts, left a comment, just to admire the quilts, I didn't expect to be included in the give-away, Europe is a long way to ship to. But I won - I never win anything! And very kindly Rosa Maria sent me this brand new February 2010 American and Patchwork Quilting magazine all the way from Mexico! I love the designs, and what a treat to have a magazine in English (I live in Spain). Thank-you very much Rosa Maria!!

Now, I think, to share my luck a little, I should have a give-away too? I haven't before as I'm not really sure if there are many people reading? Well, I guess that just means that the odds of winning are good! But what to give-away? A Spanish crafty magazine? Something made by me? I will have to have a think...

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RosaMaría said...

i'm very happy you won my giveaway and you have the magazine now! you are so kind!