Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Honey Bee European Quilting Bee Block 1 January 2010

I'm not running late on the first block! Poor Linzi was trapped inside by the snow and the post offices were closed in the UK, so I only received her lovely Heather Ross squares of fabric last week. She asked us to make maverick stars, following this tutorial with the mermaid and fish squares in the middle, the dots as the points and the sea horses as the background.

There weren't too many decisions to make, all the squares were pre-cut. It was really a very simple block, but I found it quite nerve-wracking making blocks for someone else, without any spare fabric if I made a mistake - I still think that I sew in a straight line badly!! And of course, I couldn't get one seam on the first block to line up and had to unpick it and re-sew it - after that it all went together easily. I decided to keep all the seahorses lined up in the same direction, and tried to include as many orange ones as possible. I think that perhaps the stars could have been a bit wonkier, but I think they look okay.

I know that Linzi gave everyone in the group the same fabric and instructions and is planning to make a big king-size (ocean-size!) quilt for her bed. I wonder if she will sew them together block to block or add a sashing? I'm looking forward to seeing what we will all have produced in a year or so's time.... I'm sending out the very last batch of fabric in January 2011!


RosaMaría said...

beautiful blocks!

Deere Driver said...

Want to try this square. New to me, but I can't get the tutorial to work. Can you give another lead to it??

Soja said...

Sorry about that Deere Driver - I've adjusted the link (a bit had got cut off) it works now!

Deere Driver said...

Perfecto! Thanks much!