Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Honeybees March blocks

Honeybees March blocks for Tacha, originally uploaded by soja.

Nothing for over a month, and then two posts in five minutes. I wanted to get these blocks recorded now, while it is still (just) March.

These were Tacha's blocks, the person who put together the Bee Europa group. She said that her family didn't like her choice very much - I think that they look great and will make a really interesting fun quilt.

I sort of liked making them, except my machine didn't like the print fabric, it kept chewing it up, which was a little worrying, as again, no spare fabric to play with. I don't know what the problem is/was, the fabric is thinner than the other stuff I have been sewing with, but it shouldn't have been a problem with the new super-duper machine. :-( Am a bit sad, perhaps it was having a bad moment. Lots of joins and ironing. Tacha very reassuringly told as she wasn't worried about a bit of wonkiness and all the points being perfect. Still, these are a little wonkier than I had hoped they would be.

Next month, it's going to be wonky log cabin quarter blocks for Muriel - great! I'm wondering if precision isn't my strong point...


Natasha said...

they are totally fabulous! Perhaps you need a new needle in the machine? Sometimes when I use my needle for too long it starts to chew up the fabric.

Soja said...

Thanks! Yes I tried a couple of different, new, needles. At first a 14 (always schemtz), which was very probably a little a bit big - but I was trying to use a cotton thread which generally works better with a bigger needle. I tried an 11, then switched to Guterman polyester and no problems. I should have added this in the info.