Sunday, 25 April 2010

A New Project - for me!

A New Project - for me!, originally uploaded by soja.

This is going to be a Reverse Applique Swing Skirt, based on the one in Natalie Chanin's 'Alabama Stitch Book'.

I changed the method a little bit. I chose to draw a similar design, a bit smaller, so that I could use my Gocco to print the fabric, rather than use a stencil - just because I had fabric ink for the Gocco, so it seemed like a good idea to use it. Instead of having solid shapes, I made them hollow so that I would also have a cutting line, and to use less ink!

I cut the fabric from new (washed) t-shirts, bought on sale locally. Underneath the navy blue top layer is a grey-green layer. I had one XXL, and one XL blue t-shirt, and could only get medium-sized grey-green shirts - but I managed to cut out the skirt panels - just.

The green thread is Gutermann's button thread. The book says to use it double, which I was a bit dubious about, as it is pretty thick thread and this seems a lot to pull through the fabric, but I think it must be for aesthetic reasons, and it does look good. I'm a bit worried about using knots to start and finish each leaf, I always cast on and off when I start sewing by hand, I never use knots unless I am quilting... but fingers crossed it'll all hold together!


Genie said...

It looks very pretty! The thread from the photo looks like a good thickness, so I think that you've got it going the right way! I can't wait to see the final product!

RosaMaría said...

looks amazing!