Monday, 5 April 2010

Pyjamas for Dad

Cheerful Pyjamas for Dad, originally uploaded by soja.

Because I can't do anything else. And Dad needs pyjamas, and grey and dull has never been his style.

And something that I have only learnt recently, and only from blogs and flickr and online; that if you can make something handmade as a sign of love, then do it. Why not? I didn't make things for people for fear that it wouldn't be wanted, Over thirty years of wanting to and not. And since I have, I have been so surprised that my friends and family have been happy to receive them.

My Dad, who used to complain that I spent too much time sewing and knitting and painting and drawing when I was a child. So much so that I abandoned ideas of Art College and did a degree in Science. Now I am thirty-four, he is so happy by anything that I make, he shows everyone, he is proud. And the last time he was here in Spain, he told me so. The past is the past, and I am rambling. I love him, and he is very sick, and he has cancer, and I am scared.


Genie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad -- sent an email.

I think that handmade things are awesome, and while I think I've always appreciated them, it's gotten moreso as I've gotten older -- because I make things myself, and I know how much time and effort and love goes into them. And I love the idea that someone wanted to take that time to make something for me, it makes it so much more special! My mom wears the socks I knit for her every time she sees me, and I love knowing that she still likes them!

love and hugs to you ...

Soja said...

Have emailed you. x

Catofstripes said...

Thinking of you and your Dad.

RosaMaría said...

ohh Amanda, i'm very sorry about your dad. I love mine so much and is very sad to me read things like that and think in my dad and the fragility of life. Hope he will be fine and win this fight and be with you for many many years. He is in my prays. A big hug for you!