Sunday, 18 April 2010

Railfence Soiree block quilt

Railfence block quilt, originally uploaded by soja.

Another quilt top that was finished months ago, waiting to be quilted and bound and listed on Etsy. Another girly quilt. :-) This is also the biggest quilt I have made, I think.

I tried something new with the quilting, and am pleased with it! I used the same variegated (cream/pink) thread as before for the front, but used thread of an equal weight for the back in the bobbin.

I bought jelly roll of Moda's Soiree range, designed by Lila Tueller. Making it easy to put together. I hope I have wrote down the details - I remember that I did a bit of maths to work out the best size for the blocks and the number of strips to use to make the best of the fabric.

The backing is a soft white cotton with a light green, modern botanical type design, taken from a new 'eco' cotton duvet set, the wadding/batting is a light cotton. I quilted with a spiral type design, sort of following the lines of the blocks, but also overlapping the seams sometimes as i thought this may make it stronger?

This quilt is approximately 105.5cm by 146cm/ 41.5” by 57.5”.

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RosaMaría said...

that quilt is just fantastic, well done! those fabrics are amazing, great quality!!