Monday, 17 May 2010

Alabama Stich book (based) skirt

Alabama Stich book (based) skirt, originally uploaded by soja.

Finished this a week (or so) ago, been wanting to blog, but couldn't get a good picture. This doesn't really show enough of the skirt. :-)

I love it, very comfortable. Not sure about the fit, might just be me. I can definitely imagine making another one though.

I made a few changes to the book method. I drew out my own design and used the gocco to print the fabric, as mentioned before. I used my machine and a triple stitch to sew the panels together - I made the almost fell-stitched seams, as described in the book and got some matching blue foe elastic for the waist. This is the medium size.

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Genie said...

It's so pretty! Congratulations, it's wonderful. :) I hope you enjoy it over the summer, it looks like excellent warm weather wear!