Sunday, 23 May 2010

Crochet Sea Shells Scarf

Crochet Sea Shells Scarf, originally uploaded by soja.

My first crocheted anything! Except for the odd granny square and doll hair. I'm used to knitting, but was a little daunted about following a crochet pattern, but this free pattern, very generously available from "My Little City Girl" was easy to understand and fun to do.

I did remember that the terms for American and British crochet were different, so 'translated' the pattern before I began. American single crochet is a British double crochet and the American double crochet is a British treble crochet. I looked up the stitches in my old Collins Complet Book of Needlecraft and got going.

The pattern says that is is easy and suitable for beginners, and I found this to be so. I'm not sure about my gauge and chain size.... I used a 4mm hook (the pattern says 3 3/4, but I was using different yarn anyway). Perhaps a smaller hook would have been better and made a firmer scarf? Thought maybe it would have been too stiff?

I had bought the yarn last year to make fingerless gloves, but found that it was too shiny and didn't work with the pattern. I wanted to use it to make a skinny lace scarf, but again was finding it was too shiny for a lot of the lace patterns, they just didn't show up, but I think it is a good match for this pattern. I started it on Friday and finished yesterday, so not too much time.


Genie said...

I like this a lot -- love the colour! I've been toying with crochet but haven't found any good easy patterns, so enjoyed the link ... I might make the brimmed hat this summer!!

Soja said...

Thanks - I've worn it a few times, and think I'll use it quite a bit. The colour matches the thread in the applique skirt. I fancy having ago at her shell/beany shaped hat too.

Anonymous said...

Actually I like your version even better! It drapes and has an intersting pattern more like a vine. Going to try it using a soft bamboo yarn. Thanks for sharing. :o)