Monday, 17 May 2010

Kimono-Style Baby Pyjamas

So cute. More 'wrap' than 'kimono', but that is what they are called in the pattern book. I bought Amy Butler's book "Little Stitches for Little Ones" just for this pattern. And I do like them. Not sure about the book, pretty photos, but the patterns are very wordy, when I suspect a few diagrams would be easier to follow. Not that the instructions were hard to understand.

I did make a few alterations. I don't like zig-zagged seam allowances. So I used flat felled seams to add the borders and French seams for everything else. I also cut the trousers in two pieces, not four, eliminating the side seams - as they were straight, not contributing to shape, I didn't see the point of them, and I felt that the fewer seams the better for a baby. I also used 3/4" wide elastic, rather than 1" for the waist, 1" seemed to be a bit bulky to me.

The orange print is from Amy Butler's Midwestern Modern range and the yellow is from a vintage pillowcase, given to me from a swap partner. I was originally planning to use a pink border, but the fabric I had didn't quite match, and I think that the yellow looks fresh and lovely.

I made the 3- 6 months size, as these will be winging their way off to a baby in Canada who is already two weeks old (yes - they are for you J). I waited until the baby was born, as I got the feeling that Mum would like a little bit of pink if the babe turned out to be a girl.

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Genie said...

And I love them!! Thank you so much, I can't wait to put them on her!!