Sunday, 10 October 2010

Honey Bee blocks for Isabel - July

Honey Bee blocks for Isabel - July, originally uploaded by soja.

I haven't vanished into a pit! Just a few packing boxes and a lot of studying! I've missed this space a bit, thank-you for the well-wishes. Me, dog and cat are all settled and happy in our new home. In fact, I think that my cat has never been happier, she has turned into a much friendlier, more playful and confident little feline, I'm so relived and happy for her.

These blocks are a little bit embarrassingly late. It took me a while to sort out anywhere to sew, and more importantly, cut out all the strips. Isabel sent us all much more fabric than in the blocks so that we could sew strips of different colours, we then sent all extra cut strips back to her. I think that they look very pretty, hope that she likes them too!

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