Sunday, 21 November 2010

Pear Pincushion

Pear Pincushion, originally uploaded by soja.

It was good to do a little sewing again, and this was much easier than I thought it might be! I just based it on various cushions I had seen online, UK lass in the US has kindly supplied a template on her blog, and her pincushions look great (I was too lazy to print anything off!)

I stuffed it with fleece and wadding offcuts as I didn't have any stuffing, and wrapped up a pebble from the beach and added it to the bottom to weight it down. Three of the sides are made up of leftovers from the rail fence quilt, so were already patched together, making this much faster to sew, and adding a bit of interest.

It was made as a present for a friend of my parents - on the day it was due to be given - hence picture taken in v bad light just before it was gift-wrapped!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sonja
When I found your blog (via your gorgeous Cathedral Windows Cushion + the other stunning tucked one), I liked your sewing and postings so much, I went back to the very start!!! no easy feat, had sore eyes on my wee Net Book. I just love all of it.
I NEVER comment on Blogs but so love yours. I am Scottish now living in France. Wish you all the best with whatever your doing now and wherever you are. Hope to see you back on your Blog.

Soja said...

Oh! Thank-you Mo! Such a nice thing to say, I do miss noting things down here, I must start again. All this moving. How long have you been in France? I hope things are going well for you - I'll go and visit your blog! Best wishes, Amanda