Monday, 1 August 2011

Muslins for Retro Bombshell Online Sewing Course

So, one quilt has been given, to my dad, I'll get some photos later, the other is in the washing machine now.

Here are the muslins I have made for the online sewing course created by Gretchen Hirsch for When I read the pattern details I was a little surprised that the measurements closest to mine were the size 38, as I thought this would be small. And, um, I was right - the muslin was far too small! (First plain muslin, top left). Sorry for the blurry pictures, I took this in a mirror, perhaps a bit of a dusty mirror, ahem).

I traced out and basted a second muslin in size 40 and think that this is okay? I also added an extra 1.25" to the length of the bodice. There is room for the interlining, lining and boning and I think the cup is quite a good fit? Not sure if the neck line needs to be raised a bit? Will see what my classmates think. :-)

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