Monday, 22 August 2011

No bending over!

Corset, originally uploaded by soja.

First go, just to practise creating something closely fitting and boned. I used the free Jacci Jaye pattern at Burdastyle for an underbust and some curtain/upholstery fabric scraps.

The biggest problem with the bodice boning, was cutting it - the cheap mini-bolt cutters (Silverline 8") I bought from ebay made it much easier this time. :-) I bought the busk and eyelets/grommets from ebay, the lacing from 'The Sewing Chest' and the boning from Vena Cava.

Not sure if/when I will wear it, but it seems to have worked quite well. We are doing lots of work on the Tudors this year, so it might come in handy at one point!

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