Sunday, 14 August 2011

Perfect Fit!

Perfect Fit!, originally uploaded by soja.

Another task that I had meaning to do ticked off!

I bought the cotton for this months ago when I saw it on ebay. It is 100% cotton made for sheeting, so was already the right width for my queen size bed. I just needed to cut a 12.5" square from each corner to make it the same size as my other sheets from habitat. I followed the instructions from my trusty old Collins Complete Book of Needlework, but used French seams to finish the corners instead of zig-zagging, probably quicker, definitely neater and more hard wearing.

I thought about making the sheet as the price of smooth cotton sheets seemed a bit more than I could afford at the moment and this was on special offer and I was looking for backing material for my (not yet sewn) quilt for my bed. I think I paid about £20 for 5m of this, enough to make the sheet, back the quilt, and maybe a couple of pillow cases too.

I could have made the sheet a little tighter, but chose to make it the same size as my other sheets in case I ever get a deeper mattress. The cotton is tightly woven, soft and smooth, I would have preferred it not to be printed and not to have the slight sheen that it has, I hadn't realised this when I saw it on ebay, but the feel, Lucky agreed, was fine!

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