Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Retro bombshell dress and course finished!

Finished! Not the best photo, granted, nor a stunning setting, but still. Not even intentionally headless, but I balanced the camera on the ironing board and used the timer - glamorous! I'd got my mother to take a quick picture earlier, but she couldn't really see and the shot was a little blurry.

I'm happy with the result, though there are things that I'd like to get better at. The fit could be a bit better, perhaps the top of the bodice and waist a little tighter. But the boning was fun to do and feels very comfortable. I'm already researching patterns to do that again.

The course, created by Gretchen Hirsch for Craftsy. com, was well made and informative. Gretchen was very watchable and made a perfect teacher, full of enthusiasm and able to explain things very clearly. I enjoyed the course, learnt a lot and would definitely recommend it.

Hmm, and summer, where is it and please don't end too soon. There is so much else I want to do before school starts....


Genie said...

The dress is gorgeous! I'm glad you're blogging again, I've missed seeing your creations!

Soja said...

Thanks Genie! I actually send you a letter this week! Finally crawling out of my little cave over here. x I can't believe how quickly your little one is growing!