Friday, 9 July 2010


View from the mountain, originally uploaded by soja.

View from the mountain, a final farewell hike yesterday evening - it was so cool and fresh up the mountain, stifling down below in the city.

I leave tomorrow, returning to live in my hometown, really for the first real time since leaving school 17 years ago.... it's seven years or so since I left the UK. Gosh, all change...

New beginnings....

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bee Europa Honey Bees June Blocks

Bee Europa Honey Bees June Blocks, originally uploaded by soja.

These are the blocks for Elena. Are they still blocks if they are hexagons? Hmm, not sure, but here they are.

The design is taken from a book by Kaffe Fassett, and at least some of the prints are his too, I think some is Amy Butler too. So bright and vibrant, and we have all been sent different selections, some are more blue, not seen many finished yet - the quilt is going to be amazing! I'm not sure how the hexagons will all be joined together?

Unfortunately, even after carefully lining up and checking the strips and adjusting and testing the special 1/4" foot, I sewed the two halves together to find that I couldn't get the points to match up. :-( I wasn't sure what to do, I thought the only way to adjust them would be to unpick all the segments and re-measuer them and sew them up again. I think that I might have been worried about cutting the template, so maybe cut them a little bigger?

Anyway, I asked Elena for advice, and she kindly told me that they would be alright as they were - I hope that she wasn't just being polite...

I miss my sewing machine, it is currently, hopefully somewhere between Spain and England, the removal company came last week. I've spent the days since looking around and noticing all the things that I forgot to pack, oh dear!