Thursday, 31 July 2008

Burning the midnight oil

Grrr, sometimes the machine just seems to be in a non-cooperative mood, and something quick and simple isn't. New needle, changed thread, checked tension. Still can't sew in a nice even line. A couple of days ago, everything went perfectly. Think the machine doesn't like this material, a little too thick for it? Furnishing fabric from Ikea, originally with batting in the middle to make the coasters described in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson. Leaving out the batting helped a bit, so perhaps it was just too thick for my machine to manage. Hmmm, tomorrows another day.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Something old, something new

Strange weather to be knitting socks.... but I've never used double-pointed needles before and wanted to have a go at something different. Exciting stuff here this summer.
I like knitting in the round (no seams to sew up), but I've used circular needles in the past for slightly bigger things. Pattern taken from 'Canadian Living' online, dk cotton yarn I've had for years and 4mm needles. A bit plain and boring to knit, but I thought it was best to start off with something basic first time around. Just got to keep the yarn out of the dog's mouth and the needles away from the cat. Hmmm.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Lying in

Lying in, originally uploaded by soja.

Oh Lucky! You are an affectionate, cuddly dog, and I'm grateful for that. You are also a naughty, boisterous little monster who steals socks, mobile phones and door stops, just to get a little more attention, but still, at least you don't chew them up anymore. And for all your energy, you don't like getting up in the morning, before you, I'd always thought that all dogs were 'morning dogs', always keen to start the day, but no, not you. Which is fine, I'm happy lying in too.


I'm a list maker. Sometimes in notebooks, sometimes in diaries, sometimes on the back of shopping lists, train tickets and corners of envelopes.
I added lists of the websites, blogs etc that I tend to look at and use regularly, some daily; and it's great! I can see when updates have been made and go and check the articles or entries or whatever. 
But this is just a note, I hope it's ok to just put the lists here without asking permission? Really I don't envision 'readers' of this blog, rather I just see it as a place to keep all the information and ideas that I want to find and remember together in one place. And these are sites I want to find again. 
I only started reading blogs when I moved to Spain, four years ago, at first the vegan food blogs. I was beginning to feel a bit like an alien, being vegan in Spain. I have no problem being vegan here, or anywhere, after all I've followed a vegan way of life for more than ten years now, but it was good to be reminded that there were other people about doing the same thing. I was grateful to the bloggers and flickerers out there for writing and sharing their photos.
The same thing with a lot of the other sites, crafty, sewing, knitting... Reading these blogs or sites was and is a way of being inspired by and linked to the world around me, however near or far that world sometimes feels. 

Monday, 28 July 2008

Tortoise shell paw

Tortoise shell paw, originally uploaded by soja.

One year old today, or there abouts, based on the vets guess of her age on her first visit the day after Nick found her in the street. Or she found him. My colleague and his partner couldn't offer her a home as he's allergic to cat hair and their dog hates cats. And no one else he called would take her, I said I couldn't, not with the dog I had already taken in off the street. And now, 10 months later, here she is. Jaffa because of her colouring, chocolate brown, biscuit-beige and orange, and because oranges are from Spain, and so is she. Happy birthday Jaffa.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Vegetables and tvp in mole sauce

Vegetables and tvp in mole sauce, originally uploaded by soja.

The mole sauce went well with the vegetables, and made dinner very quick and easy, a good thing with the heat.

Mole sauce

Mole sauce, originally uploaded by soja.

I wonder if this is authentic, it seemed fairly bland, I've only ever eaten my own interpretation of mole sauce, so wondered what this would be like. I haven't really followed a recipe, just looked at the ingredient list and then made something up based on that, usually with a lot more chilli than this.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Summer nights

Too hot. Sometimes dinner ends up looking like this.
Oh! I was just looking... is that it? Is this a blog?