Monday, 26 April 2010

Skirt panel - one finished

Skirt panel, originally uploaded by soja.

There are four panels in the skirt. I stamped six to seven leaf prints on each panel with the gocco. I like the way it looks now - I'm almost tempted not to cut out the leaves to reveal the under layer - but I will!

(For more details see the previous post).

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A New Project - for me!

A New Project - for me!, originally uploaded by soja.

This is going to be a Reverse Applique Swing Skirt, based on the one in Natalie Chanin's 'Alabama Stitch Book'.

I changed the method a little bit. I chose to draw a similar design, a bit smaller, so that I could use my Gocco to print the fabric, rather than use a stencil - just because I had fabric ink for the Gocco, so it seemed like a good idea to use it. Instead of having solid shapes, I made them hollow so that I would also have a cutting line, and to use less ink!

I cut the fabric from new (washed) t-shirts, bought on sale locally. Underneath the navy blue top layer is a grey-green layer. I had one XXL, and one XL blue t-shirt, and could only get medium-sized grey-green shirts - but I managed to cut out the skirt panels - just.

The green thread is Gutermann's button thread. The book says to use it double, which I was a bit dubious about, as it is pretty thick thread and this seems a lot to pull through the fabric, but I think it must be for aesthetic reasons, and it does look good. I'm a bit worried about using knots to start and finish each leaf, I always cast on and off when I start sewing by hand, I never use knots unless I am quilting... but fingers crossed it'll all hold together!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Railfence Soiree block quilt

Railfence block quilt, originally uploaded by soja.

Another quilt top that was finished months ago, waiting to be quilted and bound and listed on Etsy. Another girly quilt. :-) This is also the biggest quilt I have made, I think.

I tried something new with the quilting, and am pleased with it! I used the same variegated (cream/pink) thread as before for the front, but used thread of an equal weight for the back in the bobbin.

I bought jelly roll of Moda's Soiree range, designed by Lila Tueller. Making it easy to put together. I hope I have wrote down the details - I remember that I did a bit of maths to work out the best size for the blocks and the number of strips to use to make the best of the fabric.

The backing is a soft white cotton with a light green, modern botanical type design, taken from a new 'eco' cotton duvet set, the wadding/batting is a light cotton. I quilted with a spiral type design, sort of following the lines of the blocks, but also overlapping the seams sometimes as i thought this may make it stronger?

This quilt is approximately 105.5cm by 146cm/ 41.5” by 57.5”.

Love hearts Pinwheel Prairie Point Baby Quilt

Finally got this listed in the shop! I finished the quilt a long time ago, but hadn't got around to making the matching bib and top. I guess this is definitely more a girl - lots of pink!

The beautiful pinwheel and prairie point pattern was designed by Jodi Nelson for Moda Bakeshop, I added some raw applique hearts to the inner corners. All of the quilted hearts were hand quilted with variegated thread, which goes from a light vanilla ice-cream colour to a candy floss pink. The borders are quilted with the same thread in a random meandering design and there is some straight line quilting to emphasise the borders and prairie points.

The fabric mostly a charm pack from Moda’s Love is in the Air range designed by Deb Strain and one or two pieces from their Clemetine and Nouveu ranges. The hand finished binding is made from fabric by Amy Butler fabric.

The sashing is a soft white cotton, the backing cotton from Ikea and the wadding/batting is a light soft cotton.

This quilt is approximately 41 cm by 104 cm/ 33” by 84”.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


WIP, originally uploaded by soja.

Ooff, quilt top made, um over the summer? Trying something new (for me) with the quilting. I like it. Nearly finished handsewing the binding.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Quarter Log Cabin Mini-quilt

Quarter Log Cabin Mini-quilt, originally uploaded by soja.

Inspired by Muriel's quarter blocks and Tacha's prints and black mix!

Fabric is from the Free Spirit Chocolate Lollipop Collection by Anna Maria Horner. Bought as a mini jelly roll (12 strips of 6 prints) from imaginefabric at Etsy. Solid black and orange fabric from Ikea. Backing is cut from a (new) duvet set, 'eco' cotton, bought locally. Quilted with green cotton thread, wadding bought from the UK, 100% cotton.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April - Euro Bee blocks for Muriel

I loved making these! They are wonky quarter log cabins. We followed the very clear, friendly tutorial by Quilt Dad on his blog.

The fabric is a mixture, all a lovely weight and rich colours. Muriel bought the bird fabric locally in the Netherlands, and I recognise the Kaffe Fassett print (all the circles/splodges) as I have some in blue. I love it! She sent us strips, making it very easy for us to cut up.

I really enjoyed the mixture of being able to make it up as a went along, balanced with thinking ahead to make sure that I was balancing out the block and ending with a wide enough strip around the edge.

I felt so enthused to make more blocks that I used a mini roll that I had and made up another four blocks for myself to make a mini quilt - I'm quilting it now - photos to follow...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Snip snip!

Scissor case, originally uploaded by soja.

Not exactly an easter chick. I saw these scissors in a shop the other day and thought they were attractive - I've seen lots of storks, but not a cockerel before.

I was looking for a little thank-you gift for a crafter, and I think small sharp scissors are always handy. So with a little bit of felt and some embroidery... one little gift. I added a little bit of polyfill to the bottom, kept in place by the embroidery, to stop the scissors poking out.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Pyjamas for Dad

Cheerful Pyjamas for Dad, originally uploaded by soja.

Because I can't do anything else. And Dad needs pyjamas, and grey and dull has never been his style.

And something that I have only learnt recently, and only from blogs and flickr and online; that if you can make something handmade as a sign of love, then do it. Why not? I didn't make things for people for fear that it wouldn't be wanted, Over thirty years of wanting to and not. And since I have, I have been so surprised that my friends and family have been happy to receive them.

My Dad, who used to complain that I spent too much time sewing and knitting and painting and drawing when I was a child. So much so that I abandoned ideas of Art College and did a degree in Science. Now I am thirty-four, he is so happy by anything that I make, he shows everyone, he is proud. And the last time he was here in Spain, he told me so. The past is the past, and I am rambling. I love him, and he is very sick, and he has cancer, and I am scared.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Doll making

Doll making, originally uploaded by soja.

I cut these out, hmm I think over the summer? Maybe even Easter last year, so thought that I had better get back to them. I'm trying out two slightly different designs - one with handsewn fingers and toes, and one without. I'm pleased with the size and proportions, though I think that they are still too time-consuming to make to sell? There are 16 or 18 separate pieces to each body. If I make crochet caps and individually hook on the hair it will take a while to finish them.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dog-walking Bag

Dog-walking Bag, originally uploaded by soja.

Made this in February I think. Quite pleased with how it turned out, made up as I went along out of necessity as the zips on my old bag had broken.

I keep this by the door, fully stocked with plastic bags (that I can pull out through the hole on the right-side, keys, lip salve and phone in the outer front compartments, back zippered pocket for dog treats and inner pocket for coffee money and tissues.

The blue fabric was from Ikea, and I think that the print is Heather Bailey. I used the fixings from the old bag.